"There are over 132 million orphans in the world. Statistics say 60% of the girls who age out of care are at risk of human trafficking and 70% of the boys who age out will find themselves caught up in a life of crime. At Montaña de Luz we are breaking down barriers and creating a pathway out of poverty and victimization by providing opportunities for education or vocational training so our children transition to a life of dignity and self-sufficiency.
On September 18th MDL is holding its second annual Walk4Education to raise funds to support the children and adolescents’ education in public schools, our home school program for children with cognitive and emotional challenges as well as university and vocational training."
- Tim & Karen Loehr

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Registration Fee (includes t-shirt and dinner) if received by September 9th $30 for adults / $15 for youth under 18 – we encourage a minimum of $100 in sponsorships. Encourage sponsors to give generously . . . it’s for the children!

Money will be collected on Sept. 18th at Little Turtle Country Club when registering

Make checks payable to MDL (Montana de Luz)

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